Go wild & camp off the radar


If you’re planning on going Camping in Windermere before the summer is over, then you will be spoilt for choice on where to pitch up your tent(s). It’s certainly an experience you don’t want to miss or get wrong. Here's what do to or consider for a wild Camping Holiday:


Before you head out into the wilds in search for a Campsite In the Lake District, you need to first get the land owners permissions. Many land owners will be fine with as long as they follow a few rules:

  • No litter
  • Don’t light any fires
  • Only staying for one night

There are a few more rules which you can read about herebut essentially, just leave the campsite as you would want to find it.

Other people

There occasionally groups of other people on award schemes with schools who have arranged to stay at a certain site after getting the permission of the land owner(s).
If you see, what looks like a group of people then don’t just assume that the land is open for everyone as it most likely won’t be. Check with the land owner to see if it’s okay for you to pitch up your tent there too.

Don’t forget

As long as you have the legal right to stay in an area you will fine to pitch up your tent(s).

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