Hawksmoor Windermere Guest House | October Walkdon't worry too much about the weather scuppering ypur plans

At this time of year the weather deteriorates quite rapidly and people visiting Windermere are often looking for easy to moderate walks to enjoy so they don't have to worry too much about the weather scuppering their plans.


That's why we think this beautifully scenic walk would be right up your street if you're staying at our Windermere Guest House over the coming weeks. It is a very popular walk from the beautiful village of Hawkshead to Lake Windermere incorporating the wonderful nature of the Lakes as well as the quaint village life of the surrounding area.

We would certainly advise visiting Hawkshead at some point during your stay and a scenic five mile walk would go hand-in-hand with a trip to the village. Hawkshead is superbly kept with quaint streets, unique shops and a great selection of pubs and cafes. The centre is compact and pedestrianised so you can potter through the shops at your leisure. Public transport is available so you can get their nice and early, explore the village, treat yourself to some lunch and set off back along this trail.

The walk over low fells and woodland is extremely well signed so even the less experienced walker should feel comfortable finding their way back to Windermere. Some of the views from the fells over Windermere are breathtaking incorporating the mountains, hills and lakes of the surrounding area. The walk begins with beautiful rural scenes beyond Scar House Lane and continues east to Crofts Head. From Crofts Head pass into Colthouse Plantation and the moderately steep walking begins. It's not too much of a climb but it will certainly get your heart beating! After about a mile the walk becomes a gentle undulation through woodland and clearances, and with lungs heaving it is an ideal place to stop for a coffee and drift away while the birds sing within the echo of the woods and you get your breath back.

Paths criss-cross this popular rambling spot but fortunately there are well signed guideposts at path junctions so you will always know which way to turn. At times the wood is dense but for the most part it remains quite clear and should be easy enough terrain for all to feel comfortable. The walk does take a steep turn and you will be able to enjoy the views from across Windermere through the treetops which is simply magical. Another great spot to take a few minutes rest before you plough on for the descent which is a little bit steeper than the rise. You'll make your way to Claife Station and this is where you'll meet the biggest challenge as the scale of the descent will mean you'll have to be very careful and cautious at times.

It's all about taking your time and being thankful you're not going in the opposite direction! After the descent you'll find your way to Windermere Lake where you can get a ferry back to our side.

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