November Windermere Guest House WalkMillerground and Adelaide Hill

The Millerground and Adelaide Hill walk may be one of the shortest walks around Windermere, but with fantastic access to stunning views across Lake Windermere along the eastern shore and lots of distractions along the way, it's a great walk for all ages and all members of the family. You can get it done in 20 minutes if you really want but we'd advise spending a good hour, relaxing and taking in the great views the walk has to offer.


The walk begins at the car park on Rayrigg Road, not far from our Windermere Guest House at all so it is within easy walking distance from us. Let us know that you're heading out and we'll set you off in the right direction. Once you arrive at the car park, follow the path down to the lake shore. You'll take a left and walk along the shore path taking in the beautiful views of Windermere Lake.

Keep your eyes open for a distinctly large rock looking somewhat out of place in the lakeside landscape. It is said that Queen Adelaide - consort to King William IV of England - came ashore in this spot on her visit to the North of England and a plaque has been put up for you to have a look at.

Millerground Cottage

You can carry on southward toward a kissing gate to take in more of the stunning views and perhaps enjoy a picnic taking in the wonderful scenery but ultimately you will need to double back on yourself towards the jetties. Continue northwards from here past the boathouse and sailing base before you come to a quintessential Lake District cottage named Millerground.

Once you've taken in the cottage the path leaves the lake and heads on an easy enough climb by some fantastic waterfalls. As with all falls, they'll be at their best after rainfall so it's one of the few times we hope for rain around these parts!

Adelaide Hill

You will eventually find yourselves back on Rayrigg Road, take a right and find the gate and follow the path up to the top of Adelaide Hill. Although it's only small, Adelaide Hill affords wonderful views over Lake Windermere so crack open the flask and have a brew while you sit atop the hill.

Once you've warmed your cockles, drop down the other side of the hill and you'll find your way back to the car park.

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