Ospreys Return to the Lake District

For the fifth season in a row ospreys have returned to Bassenthwaite and the public couldn’t be happier!

So what exactly is an Osprey?

The Osprey is one of the many Types of Birds of Prey. It is known by many names such as the fish eagle or river hawk.

The news was confirmed last week by the Lake District National Park, the RSPB and the partnership between The Forestry Commission. The Osprey returned last week which has sparked hopes for another successful year for the Lake District Osprey Project.

The osprey that the Lake District Osprey Project is familiar with is simply known as ‘KL’ which is a female which returned after a winter in the West Africa. She was later joined by a male and they have already started to mate!

A spokesperson for the Lake District Osprey Project said “It is brilliant to have KL back at Bassenthwaite for the fifth year... we are hopeful for another successful nesting season”

So get that Bird Watching Equipment ready for the ospreys return!

Posted by Hawksmoor Admin