Shopping in the Lakes

Recently, we had a stop off in the Lakes, went for a drink and so on. We also did some shopping, which has what inspiring the writing of this particular blog. Here are a few places to visit for the shop when you're visiting the Lake District.

Lakeland leather

The Lakeland shop is the first place you should go to when you visit the Lake District. The Lakeland has some top quality male and female items of clothing for you to browse from, along with other home accessories to choose from whilst you pick our your next outfit.

The Hen House

The Hen House is just down the road from Lakeland leather and is a great place for women clothing. There are some really good deals to be had in this shop so make sure it isn’t one you miss out on your visit!


We’re sure many people are already familiar with this brand. Pandora is a high quality brand which specialises in jewellery. It’s a brilliant place to bring your partner or a even a friend for a birthday / Christmas gift.

When you’re finished your day out in the Windermere, come back to your room at the Hawksmoor Guest House for a great nights sleep and award winning breakfast.

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