The wildlifeof Windermere

Lake Windermere and the rest of the Lake District is one of Britain’s most diverse natural habitats, and as a conservation area it hosts some of the rarest species in the land. The ecosystem, as well as the stunning scenery, attracts hordes of visitors every year and many enjoy bicycle and walking tours around the lake, staying in a B and B in Windermere, to spot all kinds of creatures and plant life.

The lake is a bird-spotter’s paradise, even in the winter, birds like the goldeneye and tufted duck tend to make an appearance and osprey are a common sight, which brings the photographers out in force to watch them fish, and the Lake District plays host to England’s only nesting pair of golden eagles. Peregrine falcons frequent the area and barn owls also call the area home.

Otters can be found in the waters and nature’s clowns often turn out to entertain the visitors who take the time to find the quieter spots. Water voles are a touch less glamorous, but just as enchanting in their own special way for those that make the journey to Lake Windermere.

In the trees, you can often spot the endangered red squirrels and other protected species, include the natterjack toad. The vendace, a type of fresh-water herring, was thought to be extinct, but now it is alive and well in the Lake District.

All of these animals and so many more, including red deer, freely wander the Lake District. A bicycle tour round some of the natural hotspots of Lake Windermere is accessible from the Hawksmoor Guest House, which is an ideal base for your nature tour.

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