Windermere Wilderness

Come and enjoy the peace and tranquillity of Windermere and discover the wonderful birds who make it their home at this time of year.
Over a thousand ducks, geese and swans live on Windermere throughout the year. This more than doubles to over two and half thousand birds during the winter!
Many birds fly from Scandinavia and Eastern Europe to spend the winter. Windermere has more birds on it in the winter than any other lake in the Lake District. It's one of the top places in Britain for wintering goldeneye, tufted duck, coot, pochard and red-breasted merganser.
The reed beds on Windermere offer essential safe and sheltered resting places for overwintering birds and breeding birds in the spring and summer. As the reed beds on and around the Windermere shoreline disappear, so do the number of places for birds to live in. No one would want a juggernaut driving through their bedroom and flattening their bed, and the same goes for the birds of Windermere. Don't drag boats through or land your boats on shoreline areas with reed beds, even if they've already been damaged.
Reed bed areas are getting smaller and smaller. We don't understand all the reasons why. Pressure from grazing and recreational disturbance are part of the problem. Organisations such as Cumbria Wildlife Trust, South Cumbria Rivers Trust and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds are working on this issue.

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