Zip wire at Honister Slate Mine

In recent months, the Lake District mine has been in the news as the scheme to put up a zip wire has had some controversy surrounding it...

On a forest hillside going down to the reservoir at Thirlmere, the only thing you can hear is silence and maybe in a few months, you’ll hear the screams of people enjoying themselves flying across the longest and highest zip wire in Britain.

Many people have spoken out to try and stop the zip wire from going across the Lake, saying it will ruin the scenery.

This may very well be true but on the other side of the coin; the zip wire will most likely bring in more tourists to the Lake District.

The campaign against the £1.8m plan is called ‘Zip Off’. They say ‘it’s basically environmental vandalism ... it wouldn’t just change the scenery here but have a profound ecological impact too.”

Check out their website here.

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Posted by Hawksmoor Admin